Hoopla Festival Darling HarbourIlluminated by mere light bulbs and buried within a labyrinth of strained cling wrap lies Skye Gellmann & Naomi Francis’s Mothlight world – a specially constructed space where physical prowess is tested and the inner psyche investigated through hard hitting acrobatics and physical explorations. An intense and captivating performance which draws on circus’s traditional roots and pushes them into a space of the deeply subconscious.

The audience is led one by one into a spider-web landscape. There is no seating. Within this world, an electric performance of physical extremes and dangerous intimacy takes place. Acrobats Skye Gellmann and Naomi Francis take us out of our comfort zones and reveal the essence of our primal dreams, desires and destructive tendencies.

45min circus show and installation
– 12x12m space preferred
– Wooden floor preferred but concrete ok.
– 3m roof height preferred
– One hard wall for acrobatics
– Site specific space preferred

Download full Mothlight – Tech Specs.